From an idea to a living business

Hess Group International laid its foundation by taking opportunistic decision to develop business ideas. This has grown within decades to worldwide activities with a focus on natural resources, sports & consumer goods and real estate. Since then Hess Group International only touches solid business fields where the board and management has a full understanding of the underlying business activites.


As a serial entrepreneurial private equity conglomerate, Hess Group kept its roots by putting a strong focus on its agility to take opportunities in the market. This is a clear competitive advantage in a mostly rough and challenging business environment.

1985 - 1995 Establishing

In 1985, at a young age of 30, Rolf Hess laid the foundation to a long history of entrepreneurial success by setting up Hess Consulting Group, which he grew into an important player in the Swiss Market with over seventy employees and what later became Hess Grant Thornton. In his capacity as owner of Hess Grant Thornton he was a member of the Management board of Grant Thornton Europe in London, as well as a member of the European Tax and M& A committee. In the year 2000 Rolf Hess sold Hess Grant Thornton to BDO.

1995 - 2007 Going international

After the sale of Hess Grant Thornton former Hess Group engaged in several start-up and turnaround activities outside of Switzerland. First footsteps were made in Southeast Asia, North America and Central Asia.


In 1998 the group got engaged in the Thailand based ANEW Corporation Ltd, an internet-service provider based in Thailand. the Company was in great need of external capital due to financial difficulties it was going through. Former Hess Group acquired a stake of 40% of the company and a successful turnaround within two years was achieved. The number of ANEW Corporation employees increased in two years from 87 to 141 and exited with a factor of 4x of the invested amount has been only one of the many success stories during these very dynamic and fundamental years for the next bigger steps.

2007 - 2019 Decade of growth

In the years of 2007 to today many important milestones were set for the group. The launch of former Carraigmore Resources Group, which started as an Oil production company in the US, illustrates the entrepreneurial DNA of the group.


This was the foundation for today’s resources conglomerate comprising also goldmining and gemstone activities. A small “Glencore” has been established in the market and a Group valuation exceeding USD 500 million bring new challenges in the Group’s philosophy by keeping its entrepreneurial approach and not losing the SME mindset which are its roots and enabled to reach today’s market position.

2020 Scaling growth incentive

Over the last decades a fundament has been set for further growth. With two companies, Carraigmore Resources Group & United Global Water, going public on a major stock exchange in 2020, the basis for scaling and taking on next opportunities are major milestones for Hess Group International.


The Group stayed devoted to its philosophy by taking the venture risk always on its own. The board members and the management are in full risk and in the shoes of investors who join at a later stage. Only once a business case has proven to have the potential to be successful a business will be first shown to “friends&family” who joined the groups previous projects at attractive rates.


In a next stage pre-IPO projects are being opened to a wider investor range. With an investor base of its project companies surpassing 300 shareholders the group is well prepared to follow its track by developing business ideas and only touching business fields which are touchable and understood by the board and management.