About Us

We differentiate ourselves by acting as entrepreneurs, and not as investors.

Our founder, Rolf Hess, started his first venture over 35 years ago, when he founded Hess Grant Thornton in Switzerland. By 2001 he sold his company to a major competitor, and ever since, has ventured into private equity investment.

Natural resources, sports, luxury goods, fashion and real estate development.

In 2019, the company initiated an integration project, where all company holdings, in the last fifteen years, have been consolidated under one brand, Hess Group International.


High Calculated Risk, High Return

Once we have established a successful busienss case, we open up the doors to investors. This enables the new business to complete its cycle all the way to providing an exit for investors with different priorities. Our model has been tested over the last 20 years and has allowed us to survive and grow in even the hardest of times.

A Successful and Replicable Model

Our model was adopted in various industries, from oil and gas, to natural resources, from consumer goods, to Asian martial arts, from real-estate development, to mining and precious metals exploration. With a proven track record that currently boasts eleven businesses at various stages of their life cycle, the company is confident in applying its collective experience, to tackle issues and challenges of whichever nature.

Participation and Remuneration

All our board members and managers are shareholders of the individual project companies. They receive extremely low cash amounts per month as they have a fair chance to make excellent money from themselves but only by means of equity. Having managers that truly walk in the shoes of the shareholders is the best guarantee for success. Currently the Group has no debts and plans to futher finance its own projects with its own capital.


We are in the business of developing firms on a turnkey basis

We do consider debt, but tent to avoid it at all cost

Hess Group manages all of its companies even during Exit

We are only engaged in industries that we are competent in

Board & Management


Rolf HessFounder & Chairman

Rolf has 30 years of experience as a consultant, board member and private equity entrepreneur. He’s also an author of two books, last in 2009 - “The arrogance of money”.


Norbert A. Stocker Vice-Chairman & CEO

Norbert spent over 30 years in private and investment banking. Since 2005 he pursued projects in natural resources and has been a member of the board ever since.


Garry MillerBoard Member

Garry began his career in 1978 at PaineWebber, in crude oil futures and stock portfolios. He’s been the Group’s man on the ground in USA, since 2007.


Janine HessNon-Executive Board Member

Janine is a Marketing & PR professional. She contributes with expertise both within Marketing and Communications and has experience from numerous international companies. She is currently located in Norway.