Who we are?

As a private equity group, we differentiate our selves by acting as entrepreneurs not investors!
We always take the initial venture risk on our shoulders. We feel very comfortable to take this extra risk on our own proprietary capital always remembering the unbroken rule:

High (calculated!) Risk => High Return

Once we have established a successful business case, we open up the doors to third party investors. This enables the new business to complete its cycle all the way to providing an exit strategy for investors with different priorities.
Our model has been tested over the last twenty years creating a proven track record that currently boasts eleven brilliant businesses at various stage of their life cycle, from initial seeding to just prior to reaching exit strategy status.
Our model was adopted in various industries, from oil and gas to natural resources, from consumer and luxury goods to Asian marshal arts, from real estate to mining and precious metals exploration.

Since the beginning of 2019 we initiated a vast integration project where all our holdings assembled in the last twenty years will consolidated under one brand “Hess Group International”.


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