Financial participation by our different management teams

All our managers are shareholders of the individual project companies. As a first step managers purchase shares with their own money. As a second step they receive shares in lieu of bonuses.

Group’s finance philosophy

Currently the group has no debts. It is part of our philosophy to have our project companies equity financed. Although this might limit our growth potential, it exponentially increases our chances for survival and longevity. Our twenty plus years of existence prove that. Only on an exceptional basis and where it is of short-term assistance to us  in achieving a successful Exit without taking unreasonable risks, we are prepared to consider Bridge Loans or Asset Backed short-term Loans

HGI’s remuneration strategy

All our managers and officers receive extremely low cash amounts per month. All of them have a fair chance to make excellent money for themselves but only by means of equity in the various projects. Having managers that truly walk in the shoes of the shareholders is the best guarantee for success.


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