Business model

We believe our business model is unique.

We are not buying companies, we are not investing in companies, we are developing companies on a turnkey basis.
    We are only engaged in industries we feel comfortable to operate in. This includes industries such as resources and energy, consumer and luxury goods, mining and exploration, entertainment and real estate. Our core competency lies in those areas, nowhere else.
    At all times until the exit face, HGI maintains financial control over
    the project.
    At top management level, HGI always manages the projects. We never delegate ultimate management, no exceptions. The group is managed out of our Cyprus offices.
  • The project companies are managed operationally wherever the project is domiciled. As of today, we have ongoing projects in the following countries:


London Zurich Limassol Dubai Bangkok Berlin

J/F Kennedy Street 6
3106 Limassol | Cyprus